Living in Oviedo

Oviedo is the capital city in Principality of Asturias (Northern Spain). The Old Town is full of pretty plazas and narrow streets, with a rich cultural and artistic legacy. The City is very clean (voted as one of the cleanest cities in Spain for many years), safe and everything is accessible on foot. 

230px-Claustro Universidad de Oviedo Located on the northern coast of Spain, Asturias is one of those amazing places that often gets overlooked for the sunnier, warmer destinations of the south, yet has so much to offer the visitor.

While in Oviedo you are only at 25 minute bus ride from Gijon on the coast,  and lots of fishing villages for great seafood. You can go skiing in the morning and be on the beach in the afternoon. It is a hikers paradise, tons of mountain walking routes to do and so on.

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During your stay in Oviedo you might be interested in learning, or improving your Spanish knowledge.   La Casa de la Lenguas will offer you the opportunity to do it. 
We can also help you to find a suitable accommodation and in general to plan your stage with us. 

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