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In order to obtain a double Master's tittle in BIOTECNOLOGÍA (MB) from Universidad de Oviedo (Uniovi) and Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (TEC), students must complete the first semester studies in their home university, Master of Science in Biotechnology (MBI) or Master in Biotechnology of Environment and Health (MBEH), perform semester 2 and 3 at the partner university and return to their home university to complete semester 4. The students engaged in BIOTECNOLOGÍA double title Master programme (Uniovi-TEC) will design and start the Master Thesis work during semester 2-3 at the partner university and complete and defend the Thesis at the home university.These Master Theses will be co-supervised by scientists from both participating universities. A maximun of 5 students from each participating university (Uniovi and TEC) can participate in this double title Master programme.


Edificio Santiago Gascón
Campus El Cristo.
33006 OVIEDO (Spain)
Fax +34 985 10 31 57 
Mª Teresa Fdez Sánchez
Phone +34 985 10 42 10
Francisco Parra
Phone +34 985 10 35 63



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