Master Thesis

Master ThesisThe MSc Thesis (Trabajo fin de Máster or TFM) is a compulsory practical subject aiming to complement and use the knowledge acquired along the three previous semesters of study. It will take place during the last (fourth) semester of the master and should consist in an experimental work, an environmental assessment, a business project or, exceptionally, in a bibliographic revision that must include some original analyses and conclusions by the student.

The aim of the TFM is to perform and defend a practical work, making use of all competences acquired along the MSc studies, favouring in this way a close up between the student and the real labour world.

Before starting the TFM the student must have completed the first 60 ECTS, or an equivalent training, as judged by the Academic Commission of the MBEH.

The TFM (24 ECTS) will last for about 3 months of supervised practical work (480 hours) and 120 hours of additional personal work, an estimate of the required time for writing the thesis and preparing the TFM defence.

The work conducting to the TFM could be initiated together with the Practicum II or can consist in a completely independent activity. The students will chose the place (Institution or private company) and topic of the TFM among the ones proposed by the Academic Commission of the MBEH. Alternatively, the student can suggest different places and topics for the TFM that should be first authorized by the MBEH Academic Commission.

The TFM will conclude after writing a Master Thesis, following defined guidelines, and a public defence before a commission designated by the MBEH coordinator.

TFM projects:

Academic year 2014-15

Academic year 2015-16

Academic year 2016-17

Academic year 2017-18

Academic year 2018-19

Academic year 2019-20

Academic year 2020-21

Academic year 2021-22

Academic year 2022-23



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