Participation is free of charge, in Spanish or English, and in two mutually compatible modalities:

  • Registration and virtual participation with paper, video or poster.
    • Each contribution will receive a Certificate from the University of Oviedo (Spain) and the Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Castilla y León (Spain).
    • Deadline for submission of contributions: 28 February 2022 to the email 
  • Registration and participation as an attendee at the in-person conference on 30 June 2022.
    • Each attendee will receive a Diploma of Attendance from the University of Oviedo and the Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Castilla y León (Spain), certifying the number of hours.

All contributions will be free to view, and only those registered at the congress will be able to interact. 

Virtual contributions: communications, videocommunications, posters/infographics

Contributions should be limited to:

  • A thematic focus
  • One language: English or Spanish
  • A typology: communication, video-communication, poster/infographics
  • Authorship data (maximum 3 authors)
  • Signed declaration of authorship and originality.

Instructions to authors

Rules Summary of Proposal

The documents shall be named in the following pattern:

COM_LASTNAME1_LASTNAME2_FIRST_NAME (for written communication)

POS_LASTNAME1_LASTNAME2_FIRST_NAME (for poster/infographic)

VID_LASTNAME1_LASTNAME2_FIRST_NAME (for video communication)

Example: Mr. Andrés Fernández Lomas submits a written communication. The file to be sent will have the following name: COM_FERNANDEZ_LOMAS_ANDRES.DOCX.

Documents shall follow the attached WORD Proposal Summary template. The submission of an advance summary is not mandatory.

Note: If you have accessed with Google Chrome, right click and choose “Save link as …” to download the documents.

– Rules Written communication

The documents shall follow the attached WORD template-communication model.

Videocommunication rules

The videos will follow this model of video communication (it can be a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over saved in video format). The presence of the author in the video will be positively valued.

Example of videocommunication:

INNTED 2021 Impact of the Leobien educational platform on linguistic communication competence.

Note: this is an example of communication. To present your video communication consider the rules indicated in Video communication guidelines . Remember to include the image cylaei.png at the beginning of the video and do not exceed 10 minutes in length.

Poster/infographic rules

The documents shall follow the layout indicated in the attached document and shall be sent in PDF format..

The acceptance of contributions will be based on formal criteria (they must be correctly adapted to the congress templates and congress rules), order of arrival (prioritising the first submissions over the last), and scientific quality criteria (levels of innovation, contributions to the scientific community, resolution of problems or gaps in knowledge, advances in the thematic lines.

Always and previously, it is necessary to register all the authors in the Congress. Each contribution may not have more than 3 authors, and a maximum of one contribution per author.

Each participation will be subject to interaction between the registered participants in the congress, through the discussion forum for each paper, from 30 June 2022 to 10 July 2022.

Registration (procedure)

  1. To make a contribution to the virtual congress, you must send your FULL DOCUMENT to by 28 February 2022. You will receive a confirmation email if your contribution is accepted.
  2. To attend in person in Medina del Campo (Valladolid) on 30 June 2022, please fill in the registration form. The deadline is 1 June 2022.
  3. The virtual participation will take place in the interaction spaces of this website from June 30 to July 10, 2022.
  4. After verifying your virtual contributions and/or the signature of attendance to the conference, we will send the corresponding digital certificate of attendance and/or virtual participation.
  5. Participants will receive the digital publications of the congress by e-mail.

Online registration form

The registration period is closed.

Thank you for your interest.

Note: At the end of the registration, do not forget to make a comment at to be able to participate actively and comment on the contributions of the different participants. Thanks.

Criteria for the selection of the attendees of the on-site seminar

Taking into account the current situation, and given that the capacity for the on-site conference is limited due to health circumstances, in the event that the number of applications for the on-site conference on 30 June 2022, in Medina del Campo (Valladolid), is greater than the number of places available, the following selection criteria will be taken into account:

  1. Teachers from adult education centres in Castilla y León.
  2. To have presented a paper for the congress (communication, video-communication, poster).
  3. That the largest number of adult education centers in Castilla y León be represented, with the presence of at least one attendee from each of the registered centers.
  4. Order of registration.

Procedure to assessment each contribution: communications, posters or video-communications

The organization of the CyLAEI2022 conference thanks all authors the contributions. THANK A LOT! 

March 20, deadline for formal corrections. 

From now until March 20, CyLAEI2022 opens the deadline for modifications of some contributions. CyLAEI2022 has already suggested to certain cases that they have to make improvements in formal aspects; for example, include standard bibliographic references, follow guidelines on the format of the document, etc. These indications are important since later they will have a greater ease of publication in the journals attached to the congress. 

April 3, Time for assessment of the content  

As of March 20, CyLAEI2022 opens another period of time for the members of the Scientific Committee who will ca assess the content of each contribution. This period will last until April 3. Subsequently, the authors will be informed of the decision in each case: acceptance without modifications, acceptance with modifications, or non-acceptance. 

From 3 April, Time for Communication of the decision to the autors 

From this moment on, CyLAEI2022 apens a new time to make certain improvements in the evaluated contents with the consequent term for submit the document.