Bioprocess Engineering Seminars

This seminars, organized by the TBR research group and the IPA Chair of the University of Oviedo, in an informal setting, will be wide open to diverse topics of bioprocess engineering, including the food, biological, and environmental fields and related fields of chemical engineering. They will be aimed at doctoral students and researchers of different levels. You can check the previous editions HERE.

Speakers of the different seminars will have 30-40 minutes to present the topics, followed by discussion up to a maximum of one hour. The dates of celebration, during April and May 2024, together with the topics are indicated below. Seminars will always take place on Tuesdays at 13hs. External suggestion of possible topics of interest for future seminars is appreciated.


Seminars will be held online using the Microsoft Teams platform. All registered people will be sent by email the link to participate in the event. An attendance diploma may be issued to those attendees who request it at the beginning of the seminars, and who attend at least 80% of the talks in a semester. If you are not registered, you can do it in the form below. In case of doubts or to cancel the registration, you can write to

    We inform you that, when you register, your personal data will be processed by the Chair of Industries and Food Processes and the Technology of Bioprocesses and Reactors research group with the sole purpose of the electronic submission of information about these Bioprocess Engineering Seminars. Likewise, these seminars may be recorded, so if you do not want to appear in images and / or videos, you must indicate it before the beginning of each presentation.