Association of Artisan Cheesemakers of Asturias

The Association of Artisan Cheesemakers of the Principality of Asturias, is a non-profit and autonomous association, created in 1991, based in Asturias, which brings together more than 40 cheese producers whose production is entirely handmade.

Our cheeses are based on the use of a milk of optimum quality and combine types of traditional elaboration with the technique and current knowledge. The continuous training of the partners, the performance of periodic controls, the resounding rejection of the use of milk by-products or artificial preservatives and a healthy, varied and balanced feeding of cattle, are the guarantee of an artisan product.

The association also understands that it is only possible to offer an artisan product when the volumes with which it works do not exceed certain limits, otherwise, it is difficult to control processing and curation phases with optimal quality criteria.

Objectives of the Association

• Implement a cheese certification system that guarantees the consumer an adequate level of quality.

• To represent and defend the interests of members and artisan cheese makers in general.

• To contribute to the consolidation of a differentiated market space for artisan cheeses, by carrying out promotional, information and awareness actions.

• To Improve quality of the products of the partners, through timely technical assistance, information and quality control.

• To collaborate with the different public entities with a view to the implementation of research and development programs to improve the artisan products of their associates.

A quality brand

Following the commitment to improve and bring its products to consumers, with clear and truthful information, the association has launched, in May 2014, a Quality Seal, as a distinctive for those handmade products of its partners, as a guarantee that they meet the production criteria of artisan cheese, which are contemplated in their statutes.

The purpose of this brand is to differentiate products made by hand and with local raw material, from those of industrial production. In addition, this quality brand contributes to the sustainable development of rural spaces, where cheese activity takes place.

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