LILA Asturias

LILA Asturias is the Asturian Dairy and Agro-Food Interprofessional Laboratory. It was created in 1991 to carry out tests on milk delivered by local dairy farms to dairy industries. Currently, LILA also provides microbiological and physical-chemical analytical services in cheese and other products with the double objective of offering a comprehensive service to the Agro-food sector, and contributing to its development, as a strategic element for the growth and sustainability of rural regions.

In this second area, LILA carries out the Protected Designations of Origin of Afuega´l Pitu, Gamoneu and Casín cheese control. For each of these quality brands, it monitors the production process through audits, origin control and traceability, monitoring of production records, physical-chemical, microbiological and sensory analysis of cheese, point of sale control,…

Sensory analysis is especially interesting, since it completes the quality control cycle and has meant for LILA the installation of a tasting room for this purpose, as well as training of specific tasting panels. In the case of the PDO Afuega´l Pitu and Casín, LILA is also responsible for carrying out administrative work derived from the operation of both Designations of Origin.

Additionally, LILA has incorporated training services, Food Safety and Quality consulting, Environmental Control, etc. This wide range of services places LILA as a clear reference for the Agro-food sector in general, and in particular the cheese sector.

With the aim of continuous improvement, LILA is a laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC) in accordance with ISO 17025 and has the ISO 9000 Quality and ISO 14000 Environment certifications.

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