Association of Cheese Tasting ‘Pláganu’

Summary Activities

Since 2006, The Pláganu Cheese Tasting Association, we have been dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of Asturian artisan cheeses, historical, cultural and gastronomic heritage of our Autonomous Community. For this we carry out a series of activities, some ordinary and others extraordinary, always oriented to the dissemination of the great Asturian cheese heritage that allow us to know and spread the different cheese varieties, estimated at about one hundred and fifty, distributed throughout the Asturian geography, we travel Asturias through its cheeses.

Association Objective

Contribute to the knowledge of Asturian cheeses and their dissemination for which various events are organized: tastings, tasting / pairing, visit to Asturian cheese factories, collaboration with schools – cheese making by schoolchildren, award for best cheese, participating as a jury in different competitions cheese makers …


  • Monthly tasting of different cheeses, score
  • Visit to Asturian cheese factories
  • Participation as a jury in cheese tastings covered by Protected Designation of Origin
  • Participation in tasting organized by different gastronomic establishments and on a permanent and annual basis (‘Sidrería Yumay’-Gamoneu DOP cheese festival)
  • Live cooking in the framework of the Avilés Cheese, Wine and Ceramics fair, in collaboration with the Pravia Hospitality School.
  • Cheese making with schoolchildren from Avilés schools, with the collaboration of the Association of Artisan Cheesemakers of Asturias.
  • Prize for the best Asturian cheese of the year, since 2007.
  • Jury in the four cheese awards with PDO: Cabrales, Gamoneu, Casín and Afuega’l Pitu.
  • Delivery of the Pláganu Awards for the best cheese in Asturias, within the framework of the Cheese, Wine and Ceramics Fair held in Avilés since 1981. The Pláganu Association has delivered this award since 2007, having reached its thirteenth edition in 2019 .
  • Celebration of the Cata nº 100, in November 2018.


  • “Quesero Mayor de Asturias” Prize 2018: appointment of “Quesero Mayor” to the Association of Cheese Tasting ‘Pláganu’ jointly granted by the Brotherhood of La Probe de la Foz de Morcín and Association of Artisan Cheesemakers of the Principality of Asturias.
  • Comando Actualidad (TVE): Recording of Pláganu activity, conducting a live tasting, in a program dedicated to the cheeses of Spain.
  • Asturias Connection (TPA): Cheese tasting.

Other data of interest

  • Cider magazine: different mentions of tastings made by Pláganu in Asturian cider houses